Appetizers 1: A taste of things to come

We kick off Chillhop Records with our first release "Appetizers Part 1". Appetizers consists of 10 exclusive tracks by 12 artists who's music and style perfectly match the feel of Chillhop Records. Listen to the full album via the links below:

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Over the years we have built up a decent audience via Chillhop, providing good music for a lot of people on the daily. With Chillhop Records, we want to expand on this and reach further than we have ever done before. You can help us with this by sharing the tunes and this page around. Whether it's using a track on your own channel, sharing it with friends on social media or posting it on a blog, every exposure is really helpful and really appreciated.

Do you own a channel or have connections to a platform that could help with promotion and want to set up something exclusive with us? Feel free to let us know! For now, you can use the share buttons below to spread the word.

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