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Finding high quality music that fits your YouTube videos and getting the required permission to do so can be a hassle. That's why we allow creators that are subscribed to our Verified Creators List to use Chillhop Records' music without any copyright claims or content ID. We'll even send out exclusive offers, early access and more goodies to loyal supporters as a way to thank you for the support! Scroll down for more info or use the button to sign up and receive a free music pack in your inbox to start using the music right away and follow in the tracks of creators like Casey Neistat, Buzzfeed and Julien Solomita!

Free Starters Pack

As a thank you for the support and to help you on your way, we put together a playlist for which you receive a download link after you sign up.

In this starters pack, you will receive 10 tracks from different releases, all fit for a different kind of feel and type of video. The pack contains a track for everyone, and can help you get a feel for which type of music fits your videos best. To receive this pack, all you have to do is sign up and you'll receive the link in your E-mail. For a full overview of our music, check out our Bandcamp page.


We want YouTubers and Twitch creators to be able to use our music in their videos without any copyright issues. You can even monetize these videos / stream with ads!
The only thing we ask in return is for the creators to credit us so people are able to find us if they like the music. For YouTube, copy the template below and adjust the second line according to the track you used with the track artist, title and soundcloud link.

Music by Chillhop:
GYVUS - Weekend:
Listen on Spotify:

For Twitch streamers insert the image below as a panel and make the image link to .

For more info regarding the license and answers to questions you might have, check out our FAQ.


Use the form below to sign up for the verified partners list which will get you a free starters pack, exclusive offers and early access to new music. We will also occasionally share videos using our music on our social media pages as a token of appreciation. Please note that you have to confirm your subscription via your e-mail.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use all of the music on the Chillhop YouTube / SoundCloud channel?
Nope. While all music that we feature on our YouTube channel is made by friends of ours, a lot of it is released by themselves or by other labels meaning we don't have the rights to that music. The license is valid for all music released through our own label "Chillhop Records". For an overview and downloads for all of our music, check out our Bandcamp page.

I want to use the music on another platform for non-commercial purposes, what do I do?
If you'd like to use the music on platforms like Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook etc just fill in the form as you usually would. If it's a custom project or if you can't fill in the form entirely, feel free to e-mail us at .

What Creative Commons license does Chillhop Records use?
Our music falls under the Creative Commons CC-by-nc license and doesn't include usage for commercial purposes. For more information, check this link.

I want to use the music for commercial purposes.
This license is only valid for non-commercial purposes with the exception of YouTube and similar ad-supported partner programs. If you want to license our music for a commercial project, get in touch with us via e-mail: .

If I use and monetize a track, would I need to purchase the track as well?
Our music is free to use, but not all of our music is available for free download. While our compilations and singles are available as a name your price download, we put a (small) price on full releases by single artists. These artists put in a lot of time and effort to create awesome music which you can use for free, so please consider supporting these artists by buying their music which allows them to continue to do what they are doing and shows appreciation. In short: our music is free to use, but not all of it is free to download. Some of our paid tracks are offered for free to people subscribed to our list though!

Do I háve to sign up to use the music?
While we want to encourage you to sign up in order for us to have an overview of who's using our music and for us to be able to stay in touch with you, it's not required to use our music. Take note that crediting according to the guidelines is required in all cases.

I have another question
We're always open to help people with their questions, so if there is anything that is not clear after carefully reading through the page, please send us an e-mail at .